Gremlen Studios and Waterlife Music present: Black Door Pub Metal Mania: Friday July 26th 2013

Gremlen Studios and Waterlife Music present:
Black Door Pub Metal Mania: Friday July 26th 2013

Orion Nine

Formed in 2000, Orion Nine has spent years refining their sound to become known as one of Chicagoland’s best performers in their genre. They have played venues from Florida to Los Angeles while sharing the stage with many national record artists, such as Drowning Pool, HellYeah, Egypt Central, Burn Halo and Diecast to name a few.
The band enjoys as much publicity as possible, being featured in Revolver Magazine twice (2005 and 2007). They were included on the 2003 and 2004 Levi’s Jean Sampler that included other artists as Saliva, Atreyu, Shinedown, and the Black-Eyed Peas. The band was also featured in the Traumahead Sportz paintball DVD and Twangled View of Havasu 2 and 3 DVDs. The also appeared live on the NWA’s Wrestling Showcase.
The 2012 release of their new EP, “The Econolodge Sessions”, and singles like “Kiss the Sun” and “Brass Tax” show the band’s ever-evolving approach to creating new music.


Aurora, Ill.-based quartet Kadooge starts each of the three tracks on its self-titled debut EP with a basic hard rock arrangement before shifting into more active and elaborate instrumental passages. Lead vocalist/guitarist Pat Goode conveys his emotionally-charged lyrics with a strong voice while guitarist Quentin Dover frequently takes off on new adventures. Bassist Aerie Dover and drummer Tony Montana also help listeners navigate the shifting tempos on the engaging “No Surprise” and “Broken Up In Pieces.”
Terrence Flamm ~ Illinois Entertainer

This is definitely the sound of accomplished musicians; all the elements work as layers, and the band has a keen sense of dynamics and ensemble playing.
Erik Oldman ~ Rock in Chicago Magazine

As King

We’re a mix between Machine Head, Mudvayne, and Meshuggah with Lamb of God style vocals and a trippy Pink Floyd essence.Killer stage presence to top it off. We’ve been through the trials and tribulations of our failed marriages that we called our old bands and want to take the scene by storm with our own breed of metal. Were not the fastest, nor are we the heaviest, because that’s not what we want to be. What we are is groovy, catchy, and powerful, simplistic yet technical at the same time melodic while brutal and in your face.

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