A Big Thanks for making KLAS a success!

A big thanks goes out to everyone who made Friday night and Saturday night a success. Javier Garcia and Alex Ruiz for providing sound and engineering, Richard , Ali , Franco, Jaime Martinez and countless others for helping us spread the word and set up.  Frank and the Klas staff for providing a place to rock out and security, Dave and Austin for coming out on Friday night to speak on behalf The Zeitgeist Movement, all the bands that came out to play and the fans who came out to support and thrash the place around! Animl Sour Apples Crew for taking shots of the relentless crowd and brutal performances. Rebel Radio 1500 AM for running our commercial all week long for the Klas Show, and anyone who in any way, shape or form continues to make these shows a success!

Stay on your tippy toes for the next show because it will be BIGGER and of EPIC PROPORTIONS!

Thanks again from us at Waterlife Music! Don’t forget to check out our album on iTunes!

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