A Redefinition of the Chicagoland Music Scene

The album “The War Cycle” was conceived during the past 9 months. The art production will be ready soon, so for those of you waiting, we feel your pain!

Looking at the past 9 months in the studio, we had so many ideas in incubation that some did not make it through to the final cut. However look for those ideas in future releases. On another note: Looking back at the album, we did touch on many levels of music including progressive, rock, industrial, metal, techno and plan to extend among various genres.

After all we find that the true artist keeps seeking inspiration in many forms of mediums. Whether it is found in the audible frequency spectrum or the visible one. Our perceptions which include the 5 senses are what we use as a society to trigger different emotions in each other.  Just like human beings aren’t always angry or sad or happy all the time, music must be treated the same way. In music, we hear different vibes being produced by different sounds whether they be lyrics to phrases to note choice among many of the factors.

Hope to see you all at the Klas Show in November. Brought to you by none other than Don Modesto Tequila!!!Let’s make it a big one!

Sit tight for the announcement of the the date of the show because it will be a show to remember.

Peace, love and chicken wings!


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One Response to “A Redefinition of the Chicagoland Music Scene”

  1. Jesse says:

    Theres gonna be chicken wings? I am down!