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Metal Mania Live at Gremlen Studios

Gremlen Recording Studio and Waterlife present Metal Mania
Featuring Lasting Vengeance and Obscured In EXILE

Lasting Vengeance?
Based in North Aurora, IL, Lasting Vengeance blends elements of death metal, grindcore, thrash and doom metal into a uniquely heavy sound. The three-piece is composed of Brian (Guitar, Vocals), Jeff (Bass, Vocals) and Marty (Drums). Prior to forming LV, Marty and Jeff were the cornerstones of Trepanation, a long-running Chicago thrash outfit. Marty’s resume includes stints with Natural Disaster, Limbo Stroll and Stormer. Brian’s past bands range from punk to grind core, but most recently include local death metal favorite, Divorced. Lasting Vengeance came together as a project while Trepanation was in search of a basist and Brian was on hiatus from Divorced. Once rolling, the project quickly became a full-time band. Formed in 2004, the band can be seen regularly in Chicago-area venues. Please check the list of upcoming shows for appearance details.

Obscured In Exile
With the main focus on melodious agression, Obscured In Exile explores the boundaries of heaviness, while occasionally dipping into spacey tranquillity, creating depth and emotion. Combining that with unique percussive style and vocals that range from bleedingly abrasive to calm and soothing creates a harmonious balance between fury and composure.

This show will be live on the stream below:

Admissions is limited.
21+ to enter/$6 cover / BYOB

Music starts at 9 p.m

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