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UIC Radio Show

For those of you who tuned in and/or in someway supported us along with UIC Radio a big thanks to you guys! For those who missed the radio show shame on you! Ok we’re just kidding. However, we do have a few segments from the show on our Facebook page so have a listen! Don’t forget, we will be hosting the show November 13th at Klas brought to you by Don Modesto Tequila! Also, we will be going in to UIC Radio on the 31st of October for an IN DEPTH INTERVIEW!!! Be sure to visit frequently for the latest Waterlife and local music community news!

Join us on:

Waterlife Music to be featured on UIC Radio

Greetings! A few songs from Waterlife Music’s debut album ‘The War Cycle’ will be broadcasting live on UIC Radio today from 4:00-6:00 pm! Be sure to check us and the rest of the talent out! Be sure to tell your friends to support!

You can check it out by going to

Be sure to click on “LISTEN!” and click “UIC Radio Studio.”

Celebrating Daniela and Dennis’s Bday @ the Old Funeral Home

Hey guys! Just like to let you all know that we will be celebrating Daniela and Dennis’s Bday @ the Old Funeral Home today! There will be ‘Bands, bitches, boobs and booze’. So come out to support and have a blast with us!

Nov. 13th Show @ Klas

Aside from working on the band side of things, we have also been working hard on getting the ball rolling for the Klas show coming up on Nov. 13th.

We have some really cool ideas coming to life and the line up (Mara, Wings of Severence, and bunch more!)  is just about complete! We hope to have the flyer ready in the next couple of days! So just hold of till then cause we swear its going to be one sick show!!

Have you had your daily listen of Waterlife?

Over 100 plays today alone on our Myspace page for our demo tracks!!!!!! Visit our Myspace profile for yourself and find out what all the buzz is about!!!!

If Its broken, We want to fix it!!!!!

Be sure to click on the “Other Services” tab on our homepage. We will be offering upgrade/repair services on musical instruments as well as computer equipment.

Email us for your next quote at



A Redefinition of the Chicagoland Music Scene

The album “The War Cycle” was conceived during the past 9 months. The art production will be ready soon, so for those of you waiting, we feel your pain!

Looking at the past 9 months in the studio, we had so many ideas in incubation that some did not make it through to the final cut. However look for those ideas in future releases. On another note: Looking back at the album, we did touch on many levels of music including progressive, rock, industrial, metal, techno and plan to extend among various genres.

After all we find that the true artist keeps seeking inspiration in many forms of mediums. Whether it is found in the audible frequency spectrum or the visible one. Our perceptions which include the 5 senses are what we use as a society to trigger different emotions in each other.  Just like human beings aren’t always angry or sad or happy all the time, music must be treated the same way. In music, we hear different vibes being produced by different sounds whether they be lyrics to phrases to note choice among many of the factors.

Hope to see you all at the Klas Show in November. Brought to you by none other than Don Modesto Tequila!!!Let’s make it a big one!

Sit tight for the announcement of the the date of the show because it will be a show to remember.

Peace, love and chicken wings!


Upcoming Klas Show in November

First of all, we will be having a show at Klas in November, brought to you by none other than Don Modesto Tequila. Expect the unexpected! We hope to see old faces as well as new ones at the show. When November gets closer we will be letting you know the exact date. Expect some great talent from Chicago and suburbs. Waterlife will not only be doing a musical set but a visual set as well so expect a bombardment of sounds and sights into your eyes and ears of the most epic proportions! No one does shows like us… Check out our video blog on youtube:

On an off topic, we hope all you gamers are enjoying the new Halo Reach! Send us your gamertags and let us know what you think about the new multiplayer experience. However, we’re also anticipating Call of Duty Black Ops!!! Super excited!

Let’s put this little town on the map! Add us on Facebook and Myspace. We will be keeping you guys updated on the show and other details.



We are proud to announce that we are currently working on a plan to elevate the Chicago land area scene to a new level. We will start by putting together a show in November. We strongly encourage you to keep an eye open for this if you are a writer, artist, musician, or just a lover of any form of art.

The idea is to put together the strongest scene we’ve ever seen all by building networking skills within our community. Everyone has a role and anyone can make a difference. If you have questions or would like to contribute, please e-mail :

Tomorrow we will start a daily video blog taking you through some of the plans we are developing. This way fans will watch this and feel the need to lend a helping hand in the community.

Now lets put this place on the map!

Hello world!

Welcome to –

We’ve decided that a blog will help get the Waterlife message across the world better than any social networking site can. Though we do appreciate sites like the myspace, facebook, twitter etc, its not exactly the best way to share our full experience and ideas. We will still use our networking accounts to update you when a new blog / video / news is available.

Give us  a few days to get used to wordpress and the set up and by the end of the week you’ll see some blogs up. Thank you all for your support and patience. We are working very hard to get the music and most importantly the message across to you in more ways than one.

Stand by for more with Waterlife.