Klas Rock / Metal Nights: May 2013 Edition

Klas Rock/Metal May 2013

Taking time off from writing some tunes to update the site and announce the upcoming May dates we have planned. We had some cancellations in the April dates and we are excited to announce (like always) this all star line up for the upcoming May Klas Rock and Metal Nights.

May 24th Rock Night:
A Friend Called Fire
A FRIEND CALLED FIRE is a high-octane rock trio hailing from Chicago, IL. With a foundation based upon an infectious rhythmic assault, the band’s music is a pairing of heavy grooves based in hard rock influence contrasted with delicate soundscapes and fused with compelling hooks and vocal melodies both genuine and purposeful. The band’s diversity is apparent in their intense electric performances as well as spirited acoustic sets and proves that much like their name implies, A Friend Called Fire in many ways creates and destroys with passion and power.

The trio is quickly making headway in their native Chicago in addition to many regional and national markets through relentless touring, marketing and promotion efforts.

A Friend Called Fire’s new single “The Lightning” presents a departure from their traditional sound, with a stronger emphasis on roots music influence and vocal harmony while retaining the energy and delivery for which the band is perhaps best known. The band is also hard at work on an upcoming documentary project inspired by their new music and based in the concepts of friendship and communication in the 21st century titled The Next Great Fire.

A true working-class independent musical force, A Friend Called Fire handles all booking, marketing, promotions, artwork design and merchandising completely in-house with the highest level of detail and professionalism. They have performed over 200 shows in the span of only a few years, including six independent U.S. tours.

Jolly Korea
Jolly Korea is 5 piece rock group from Chicago, IL. They are fronted by Eugene Kalsted, dual guitar work supplied by Peter Nafziger and Kevin Kalal, and propelled by a powerhouse rhythm section featuring Roger Connelly on bass guitar, and Matt Nafziger behind the drum kit.

Trigger Fish
This powerhouse trio’s influences are good music, real life experiences, politics and people. Musically their influences range from Jimi Hendrix and Social Distortion, to Incubus and Primus. They would call themselves an experimental rock band with a gritty reggae edge, but their balanced blend of aggressive guitar, explosive drums, and clean rhythmic bass come together beautifully to create something that can’t be classified. When you listen to Trigger Fish’s unique combination of dark lyrics, soulful melodies, and radical yet emotional transitions, you really get to go along for the ride. It’s an all around sensory experience.

Electric White
New band based in Chicago/Berwyn. Three track demo coming soon! They love and support local music, art, and the people that help make it possible. You Should As Well.

May 31st Metal Night:
Epitasis is a Death Metal Band hailing from Chicago, IL. They hope to deliver slamming blackened riffs and devastating solos to a town near you.

Crown Me King
You can download their music for free at http://crownmeking.bandcamp.com/, nuff said!!

I, Goliath
Spawned from a desire to create something unique and original, Chicago-based I, GOLIATH forges elements of metal, post-rock, progressive, and hardcore into something simply known as “VIGILANTE METAL”. I, GOLIATH started as a one man project by guitarist Phil Hawkins (ex-Neofathom), and expanded after recruiting bassist Dan Vales (The Great Kali), guitarist Ivan Cordova (ex-Castillo/ ex-Neofathom) and drummer Dennis Paterkiewicz. I, GOLIATH looks to complete its lineup and showcase its brand of intensity and thought provoking melodies in and around the Chicagoland-area.

Phase Extermination
Phase Extermination is a Metal band. Members prefer not to use labels, instead describe themselves as a mixture of different metal sub-genres. Styles of vocals used include: low growls, mid screams, high screams, over-driven singing and clean vocals. Guitar riffs range from slow heavy riffs to fast and melodic riffs accompanied by fast double pedal drumming.

We hope to see everyone this for Friday for Klas Metal Night with Veils of Darkness, Human Stew and Masters of Reality! (Sabbath Tribute) and if you haven’t heard the new Rock In Chicago podcast, you can listen to it here!

We have an awesome crew that helps make these shows possible and we thank you. We all do it because we enjoy the memories we share with the talented musicians that visit Klas to perform for all of us! See you soon!



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