More Than A Band?

What makes a band “good”? Is it the music? Is it the message? Is it the image? Or is it the outreach to the community around them? Currently Waterlife is taking steps to rebuild the scene through the community, but how does one conquer such a broad task? Where do you start? How do you move up? How do you gain momentum? When is the scene established? Where do you go once it is established?

There are many answers to those questions none of which are wrong. Of the countless ways to achieve that ultimate goal, Waterlife has chosen one specific target: KIDS! Are children not our future? So it would make sense to create the future we want while molding young minds positively. One goal that Waterlife has set in its sights is Cicero East.

Our program kicked off on October 12th 2010 and has been gaining momentum and esteem from teachers, principals, and authority figures throughout the district, but the over all aspiration is to rebuild the scene through the exposure of rock, metal, alternative, industrial, and classic rock and more to young rising artists. But listening to music isn’t the only thing we provide. Expect to see grammar school bands in the future! 🙂


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One Response to “More Than A Band?”

  1. AJ -WoS says:

    You guys are doing a great thing. Not enough people take the initiative and strive to better the music scene. We (Wings of Severance) take pride in the fact that we can be a part of the music scene. We embrace anyone who comes to our shows, and encourage those same people to give other bands a chance, even if their music is different. The music scene down in cicero is awesome, and we are extremely humbled by the reception and overall following we have down there. You guys have a lot to do with creating that, and we thank you. If you ever need a band to come fuck shit up for u guys hit us up and we will try to work something out! U guys better be ready for the 13th! LETS SPREAD THE WORD LIKE WILDFIRE

    – AJ