Metal Mania Live at Gremlen Studios

Gremlen Recording Studio and Waterlife present Metal Mania Featuring Lasting Vengeance and Obscured In EXILE Lasting Vengeance? Based in North Aurora, IL, Lasting Vengeance blends elements of death metal, grindcore, thrash and doom metal into a uniquely heavy sound. The […]

Introducing Black Door Pub Rock Night

Gremlen Studios and Waterlife Music present: Black Door Pub Rock Night Friday August 23rd 2013 Featuring: Fire It Up This is what happens when you take a soul-searching rapper, a hard-rock drummer, a funky bassist, and experimental guitarist and lock them […]

Gremlen Studios and Waterlife Music present: Black Door Pub Metal Mania: Friday July 26th 2013

Gremlen Studios and Waterlife Music present: Black Door Pub Metal Mania: Friday July 26th 2013 Orion Nine Formed in 2000, Orion Nine has spent years refining their sound to become known as one of Chicagoland’s best performers in their genre. […]

Klas Rock/Metal May 2013

Klas Rock / Metal Nights: May 2013 Edition

Taking time off from writing some tunes to update the site and announce the upcoming May dates we have planned. We had some cancellations in the April dates and we are excited to announce (like always) this all star line […]

Friday Metal Night at Klas! 4-19-2013

You will not want to miss this event! Waterlife Music presents Klas Metal Night! Friday April 19th 2013 Featuring: MASTERS OF REALITY (Black Sabbath cover band) HUMAN STEW VEILS OF DARKNESS Klas Restaurant 5734 W Cermak Rd Cicero IL, 60804


‘Zeitgeist: Moving Forward’ Free Screening Today at 6:30 P.M

First 100 people at the film screening tonight will receive a free Zeitgeist: Moving Forward DVD! (Courtesy of Dave and Movie will start rolling at 7pm. Try and claim your seat at 6:30p.m

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Klas Rock Show / Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

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Waterlife Music now on Internet Radio

That is right folks! Now you can listen to Waterlife Music along with all your favorite bands! Its so simple all you have to do is go to and customize your own personal station or if you already have a station just add Waterlife Music to it! Thats it! Enjoy!

Just click on the image and go to the official Waterlife Music Jango profile! Be sure to rate! =)

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Hey check out Waterlife Music’s FULL ALBUM “The War Cycle” playlist on our You Tube channel!!!

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Friendly Reminder

Just a friendly reminder:

Zeitgeist… FREE! MOVIE!!! SNACKS!!! FEB 18th!!!

And of course….


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Egypt in Turmoil

With rising food prices and high unemployment being some of the biggest issues in Egypt, citizens take to the streets to protest an oppressive regime that has ruled for the last 30 years. Although here back at home we might not think we have to worry about issues that are going on in these countries, we have to realize that much of our taxes go in military aid to help that oppressive regime.

Stay current with the news! Click on the icon to check out live feeds from Al Jazeera 24 hours a day:

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Free Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Screening / $5 Klas Rock Show

If your not looking forward to these events, go see a doctor! Go and tell all your friends to come out and enjoy the FREE film and then come out and rock your little hearts out.

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Slots still open for Klas Rock show on Feb 19th

We still have a few a slots open for bands interested in playing on February 19th, 2011 at the Klas Rock Show.

Just send us an e-mail with your info to

Calling all Chicagoland Musicians!

We service almost any type of musical instrument or equipment! We do everything from tune-ups, pick up upgrades, speaker upgrades for cabinets, install new switches, install output jacks, installation of new tuners, intonations, neck straightening, custom paints on guitar and bass guitars, fix amplifiers, install new tubes, fix keyboards and midi controllers, install new hardware on your guitars and basses and yes we even fix computers and laptops!!!! We even have custom cables that are better than Monster Cables but at a fraction of the cost!

Check out out Technical Services tab for more info.

Email us at for a FREE QUOTE!

Yet another Klas show on Feb 19th 2011 is in the making ! Stay tuned for the lineup details!

Also, don’t forget to check out “The War Cycle” on iTunes. Oh yes, one more thing….anyone interested in getting their ass kicked? Add me on Xbox Live: MACHETEANDO


Klas Rock Show 2011

November 13th, 2010 was a great night filled with amazing bands and an electrifying crowd at the Klas Rock Show in Cicero, IL. As we start the new year, we want to start off right. It is with great pleasure that I announce that on Febuary  19, 2011 we will be doing it again.

If you or someone you know is interested in performing at Klas on Feb 19, 2011, please email