New Single “Phantoms” – Out Now

NotesCopyright © 2019 Waterlife Music Inc. All Rights Reserved Apple Music Spotify Track Listing: Phantoms Produced and Engineered by Joe Tiberi and Waterlife.Recorded by Joe Tiberi and WaterlifeMixed and Mastering by Joe Tiberi Waterlife is:Jorge Luis AnayaJose Erasmo Ruiz Pre-Production, […]

Waterlife Full Stream

Support the official release: Spotify iTunes Album Notes Copyright © 2009-2018 Waterlife Music Inc. All Rights Reserved Track Listing Blitz Chapters Lotus Reflection Produced and Engineered by Joe Tiberi and Waterlife. Recorded and Mixed by Joe Tiberi Mastering by Joey […]

Album Artwork Reveal (Album Available November 23 2018)

Artwork by Ken Sarafin of Sarafin Concepts

Waterlife self titled release out Friday Nov 23rd 2018

Metal Mania Live at Gremlen Studios

Gremlen Recording Studio and Waterlife present Metal Mania Featuring Lasting Vengeance and Obscured In EXILE Lasting Vengeance? Based in North Aurora, IL, Lasting Vengeance blends elements of death metal, grindcore, thrash and doom metal into a uniquely heavy sound. The […]


Free Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Screening / $5 Klas Rock Show

If your not looking forward to these events, go see a doctor! Go and tell all your friends to come out and enjoy the FREE film and then come out and rock your little hearts out.

Click here for the official Facebook event page

Slots still open for Klas Rock show on Feb 19th

We still have a few a slots open for bands interested in playing on February 19th, 2011 at the Klas Rock Show.

Just send us an e-mail with your info to

Calling all Chicagoland Musicians!

We service almost any type of musical instrument or equipment! We do everything from tune-ups, pick up upgrades, speaker upgrades for cabinets, install new switches, install output jacks, installation of new tuners, intonations, neck straightening, custom paints on guitar and bass guitars, fix amplifiers, install new tubes, fix keyboards and midi controllers, install new hardware on your guitars and basses and yes we even fix computers and laptops!!!! We even have custom cables that are better than Monster Cables but at a fraction of the cost!

Check out out Technical Services tab for more info.

Email us at for a FREE QUOTE!

Yet another Klas show on Feb 19th 2011 is in the making ! Stay tuned for the lineup details!

Also, don’t forget to check out “The War Cycle” on iTunes. Oh yes, one more thing….anyone interested in getting their ass kicked? Add me on Xbox Live: MACHETEANDO


Klas Rock Show 2011

November 13th, 2010 was a great night filled with amazing bands and an electrifying crowd at the Klas Rock Show in Cicero, IL. As we start the new year, we want to start off right. It is with great pleasure that I announce that on Febuary  19, 2011 we will be doing it again.

If you or someone you know is interested in performing at Klas on Feb 19, 2011, please email

‘The War Cycle’ Now Available on iTunes

The War CycleAs promised, we start off this new year with some great news. As you probably already read, ‘The War Cycle’ is now Available on iTunes for digital download. So do yourself a favor and download yourself a copy today!

We spent the majority of 2010 working on ‘The War Cycle’ at Gremlen Studios in Aurora,IL and though it took sometime we are very humble and proud to be able to put our album on iTunes for digital distribution for our supporters.

We thank everyone who was involved and those who supported us. Thank You and we hope you’re ready for the next one!

Come by later this week for another major announcement.
Have a great and successful 2011!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Waterlife is thankful for everyone who has been and keeps supporting us in any way, shape or form. Those who’ve supported our vision since day one, and those who have along they way found our music or our message. We’ve come a long way, it has been a great year, and we still have a long way to go. Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!


Yes, that’s right!
FREE demos from the current album “The War Cycle”
How do I get my free demo you may ask?
Send us an email to


What are you waiting for?

Visit us:

UIC Radio Interview / Halloween Edition

To everyone who tuned into the UIC Radio segment, Thank You! To those who didn’t: Check out our Facebook player and catch up! Topics range from MMA to Tequila! Get to know the men behind Waterlife Music by clicking on our facebook link below.

Flyer and Final Line Up for Klas Rock Show Nov. 13th

Sorry for the delay guys. I can finally say its done! The flyer is ready. The question is now, are you ready?


Now go out and promote this!

Visit us:

More Than A Band?

What makes a band “good”? Is it the music? Is it the message? Is it the image? Or is it the outreach to the community around them? Currently Waterlife is taking steps to rebuild the scene through the community, but how does one conquer such a broad task? Where do you start? How do you move up? How do you gain momentum? When is the scene established? Where do you go once it is established?

There are many answers to those questions none of which are wrong. Of the countless ways to achieve that ultimate goal, Waterlife has chosen one specific target: KIDS! Are children not our future? So it would make sense to create the future we want while molding young minds positively. One goal that Waterlife has set in its sights is Cicero East.

Our program kicked off on October 12th 2010 and has been gaining momentum and esteem from teachers, principals, and authority figures throughout the district, but the over all aspiration is to rebuild the scene through the exposure of rock, metal, alternative, industrial, and classic rock and more to young rising artists. But listening to music isn’t the only thing we provide. Expect to see grammar school bands in the future! 🙂