New Single “Phantoms” – Out Now

NotesCopyright © 2019 Waterlife Music Inc. All Rights Reserved Apple Music Spotify Track Listing: Phantoms Produced and Engineered by Joe Tiberi and Waterlife.Recorded by Joe Tiberi and WaterlifeMixed and Mastering by Joe Tiberi Waterlife is:Jorge Luis AnayaJose Erasmo Ruiz Pre-Production, […]

Waterlife Full Stream

Support the official release: Spotify iTunes Album Notes Copyright © 2009-2018 Waterlife Music Inc. All Rights Reserved Track Listing Blitz Chapters Lotus Reflection Produced and Engineered by Joe Tiberi and Waterlife. Recorded and Mixed by Joe Tiberi Mastering by Joey […]

Album Artwork Reveal (Album Available November 23 2018)

Artwork by Ken Sarafin of Sarafin Concepts

Waterlife self titled release out Friday Nov 23rd 2018

Metal Mania Live at Gremlen Studios

Gremlen Recording Studio and Waterlife present Metal Mania Featuring Lasting Vengeance and Obscured In EXILE Lasting Vengeance? Based in North Aurora, IL, Lasting Vengeance blends elements of death metal, grindcore, thrash and doom metal into a uniquely heavy sound. The […]



We are proud to announce that we are currently working on a plan to elevate the Chicago land area scene to a new level. We will start by putting together a show in November. We strongly encourage you to keep an eye open for this if you are a writer, artist, musician, or just a lover of any form of art.

The idea is to put together the strongest scene we’ve ever seen all by building networking skills within our community. Everyone has a role and anyone can make a difference. If you have questions or would like to contribute, please e-mail :

Tomorrow we will start a daily video blog taking you through some of the plans we are developing. This way fans will watch this and feel the need to lend a helping hand in the community.

Now lets put this place on the map!

Hello world!

Welcome to –

We’ve decided that a blog will help get the Waterlife message across the world better than any social networking site can. Though we do appreciate sites like the myspace, facebook, twitter etc, its not exactly the best way to share our full experience and ideas. We will still use our networking accounts to update you when a new blog / video / news is available.

Give us  a few days to get used to wordpress and the set up and by the end of the week you’ll see some blogs up. Thank you all for your support and patience. We are working very hard to get the music and most importantly the message across to you in more ways than one.

Stand by for more with Waterlife.