Review: Agalloch in Chicago

One thing we’ve said we’d do this year was give you guys some interesting blogs, which I don’t believe we’ve done enough of. So today I’ll start by sharing my thoughts on a concert I attended late last night at Reggies Rock Club. The headlining band was Agalloch. You can learn their history by clicking on the link for their wiki or you can go to their myspace to listen to some tunes! I recommend both!

Agalloch in 2005

Agalloch in 2005

It was a sell out crowd at Reggies Rock Club by the time I had arrived. Luckily, I had purchased my tickets online for fearing of missing the show. I missed them the last time they rode through Chicago and I wasn’t willing to miss it again.
Anyway, we managed to catch Locrian’s final song, which absolutely blew me away! The smell of the candles they had decorating stage filled the room with a powerful fragrance that added even more intimate feel to the energy being concentrated. By the time the ringing from the pounding drum fills faded away, I realized I had I made a big mistake by not arriving earlier! The band had instantly won me over and I will reach out to them about playing a show for us.

Next up was Worm Ouroboros. Once again I was blown away by this trio. The soothing sounds of the ambient guitar work flowed smoothly as the bass lines took me on a very dark and captivating road. If your not following them already, do yourself the favor.

Several minutes after 11:00 P.M the stage was finally set for Agalloch. They had a really cool backdrop with their logo on it. All members
took the stage as the first track of their latest album “Marrow of the Spirit” played through the P.A. Suddenly they blasted “Into the Painted Grey” and the crowd loved it, including myself. There appeared to be several issues with the sound, but after a few minutes of the crew scrambling to get it together Agalloch sounded better than ever. Agalloch played all the hits and more. I’ve never in all my years of going to concerts ever seen such an inspiring show. Apparently Agalloch guitarist has been popping strings in the 2 shows before the Chicago event, and last night they kept the tradition going! Guitarist Don Anderson pulled apart a string hanging from his guitar and tossed into the crowd. The band left the stage and I think it threw people off into thinking the show was over, but it was not. The band returned and delivered a few more of their always epic songs. By the time the show was over, it was very clear that the crowd wanted more. I only wish they would have responded to the chants of “One More Song” and delivered ‘Not Unlike The Waves”. Nonetheless, it was an amazing show with amazing line up.

I hope you enjoyed the review because I intend to do more in the future! If your not already following these bands, please do!
Special thanks to MPshows for putting together the event!


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