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Thank you for Klas Rockfest

Waterlife Music (Alex Pena, Jorge Anaya, Jose Romero, Jose Ruiz) would like to thank the following people:

Franco Morales, Sandra Sanchez, Ariela, Kat, Lilly, Richard Ibarra, Ali Shamasneh, Javier Garcia, Alex Ruiz, Jim, Christina, Allan Alexander Valencia, Alex Rubio,  Wings of Severance, Bloodstream Parade, Veils of Darkness, Phase Extermination, Shattered Dimensions, Suspended Animation, The Elevator Incident, Cottonseed, Scott Colesby, Mighty Wind, Arseo (formely known as Waterguns in August) , Santa Inez BakeryKlas Restaurant and their staff, Corina Soto , Animl, DJ Delfin 666, whoever lent us that PA in the acoustic stage you saved the day, Veils of Darkness, Sam Beckley and Gremlen Studios in Aurora, everyone who signed up for our mailing list *(you guys will be getting a treat in your email to sign up go to “” click “Become a Fan” to sign up) and of course…
all the people who came out to support the bands, you guys are the one’s who make these shows count! Because of you guys both bands and fans continue to look forward to our events! Stay on your tippy toes, we will be bringing you guys fresh tracks straight from the studio to your ears, more events to look forward to, giveaways and other prizes (sign up for our mailing list), HD footage from Klas Rockfest, some more local and global insight.

-Waterlife Music
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