Upcoming Klas Show in November

First of all, we will be having a show at Klas in November, brought to you by none other than Don Modesto Tequila. Expect the unexpected! We hope to see old faces as well as new ones at the show. When November gets closer we will be letting you know the exact date. Expect some great talent from Chicago and suburbs. Waterlife will not only be doing a musical set but a visual set as well so expect a bombardment of sounds and sights into your eyes and ears of the most epic proportions! No one does shows like us… Check out our video blog on youtube:


On an off topic, we hope all you gamers are enjoying the new Halo Reach! Send us your gamertags and let us know what you think about the new multiplayer experience. However, we’re also anticipating Call of Duty Black Ops!!! Super excited!

Let’s put this little town on the map! Add us on Facebook and Myspace. We will be keeping you guys updated on the show and other details.


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